New Year, New Adventures

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset“I want adventure in the great, wide somewhere.”  – Beauty and the Beast

And what better way to have the adventures of a lifetime than to read?

I decided to start something new. Something to combine my love for writing and my love for reading. So, here I am. Embarking on this new adventure of writing about books. Reviewing books. Discussing books.

New projects and new adventures excite me endlessly. But, they also scare me. Will anyone even bother to read my blog posts? Do they even care about the books that I spend time reading?

So, at one point I realized that whether people read my blog or not, all that matters is if it is fun and beneficial for me and for any readers that might come along.

Different people like reading different genres of literature. And some people do not like reading at all. Because I like reading all genres, I am going to try to write about all different kinds. I will throw in some fantasy, historical fiction, contemporary, romance. But, I would like to review classic novels the most.

I don’t know any other teenager who enjoys reading classic novels like I do. The only reason you do it is because you have to for school. But, I want to give you outlines of some of our world’s best classic novels from a teenage perspective. From someone that you can relate to. Whether you are a teenager like myself, a college student, a young adult, or even older, I am going to strive to give you a modern view of these century-old stories. Why? Because I love classics and because everyone should learn to recognize the beauty in these books.

And not just classics. All books. Every novel, every short story, and every poem has a beauty inside that most people don’t recognize. But, hopefully, after the following blog posts, you will learn of some books to read that can help you along your adventure of reading, whether it be a new adventure or an old one.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post! To learn more about me and this website, see the “about” section of the site. Enjoy your reading!! :)))

~ R


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