Broadway Babblings

Y’all know that I love books. But something that you may not know is that I have a passion for Broadway musicals as well! I wanted to share this part with all of you as well, because it’s just another nerdy thing that I’m hoping you guys will enjoy!

Some people love pop, country, or rap. But my thing is Broadway. I love listening to musical soundtracks and seeing them live when I have the chance. listen to musicals on repeat every day, whether I’m doing chores, homework, or on long road trips.

While most people know all about celebrities, I enjoy keeping up with Broadway stars. I love studying their voices and listening to every musical they have been in. Some of my favorites are Lin-Manual Miranda, Julie Andrews, Idina Menzel, Barbra Streisand, Philipa Soo, Adam Pascal, Keala Settle, and Ben Platt.

I love both older, classic Broadway and modern musicals. Some of my favorites are Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, Come From Away, Rent, Something Rotten, Les Misérables, Grease, Waitress, The Lion King, Finding Neverland, and The Sound of Music.

Here’s the thing. Along with being an author and an editor, I would love to be a theater critic/reviewer one day! Recently, I saw two Broadway musicals – I saw Something Rotten in my local theater on its national tour and The Phantom of the Opera in New York City on a trip with my chorus class. Both were amazing, especially Phantom, because it’s such a classic and it was actually on Broadway. I also have tickets to see Hamilton for this summer when it comes to my state on its tour, and I have bought my season tickets for the next Broadway season at the big theater in my state. All in all, I will be seeing a lot of musicals this coming year, and I’m SO excited!

Therefore, I have decided to start reviewing the musicals I see on my blog, starting with these two! I’m excited to try my hand at this. These reviews definitely won’t be top notch, but maybe they will intrigue all of you readers and convince you to listen to the beautiful soundtracks that I find myself singing all the time. Honestly, when do I not have a Broadway song stuck in my head???

I hope y’all are interested in this new addition to my blog that will be coming your way very soon! Please let me know in the comments if you love musicals too and what your favorites are!! I’m so excited to start reviewing the musicals that I go see and hopefully make all of you as addicted to the beautiful Broadway as I am!

This was a short post today, but thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my bookish (or in this case Broadway) babblings!!

~ Rebekah


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