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Pulling Strings by Nick DeWolf REVIEW

37488246Pulling Strings

by: Nick DeWolf

Published: Dec 12, 2017

Genre: (adult/YA) sci-fi, psychological thriller

Goodreads synopsis:

The feeling you’re being watched. Knowing what card is next out of the deck. Guessing what someone’s thinking… and always being right. 
Or maybe you can move things. Maybe you can hear people’s thoughts. Maybe you can make fire out of nothing. Maybe, just maybe, you’re different. Maybe, you’re psychic
Rebecca Colt was different and used her abilities to become the best psychic Secret Agent in America. She traveled the world, hunted down foreign agents, had wild car chases and adrenaline pumping shoot outs.
Until one day, in Austin, Texas, when everything went wrong. When a little girl died. When Agent Colt’s life fell apart.
Now, she’s sitting around a field office in Kansas, thinking of the good old days, begrudgingly awaiting retirement. She just wants one last shot, one thing to put her back on top for a while.
So when people start turning up in hospitals nearby, their minds broken into a thousand pieces, she thinks she’s found just that chance.
But once she starts investigation, every answer she gets only leads to more questions. Things don’t add up. She starts to realize she’s dealing with something bigger and scarier than she’s ever dealt with. It’s not a foreign sleeper agent she’s tracking.
It’s a puppeteer, the most dangerous kind of psychic there is.
And she has no idea what to do. Or even who it is.
But she knows she’s alone. And she’s going to have to fight her way out.

my spoiler-free review:

I was sent Pulling Strings by the author, Nick DeWolf, to review. Every opinion in this review is completely my own and completely honest.

I really enjoyed Pulling Strings! I rated it 4/5 stars on Goodreads. It’s definitely not my kind of book, meaning that it’s not something that I would have picked up after seeing it on a shelf in a bookstore or anything. It’s the first psychological thriller-esque book I’ve ever read. So, I haven’t read any well-known books that I can compare it to. But I was pleasantly surprised!

Pulling Strings focuses on psychic secret agent, Rebecca Colt, but there are so many characters and perspectives! That’s one of this novel’s strongest points – the many POVs it’s told from. We follow a few different sides of the story, yet they all flow together so well and each have a unique voice.

The writing in this book is excellent! I’m a total grammar nerd, but I found no fault in the author’s writing (not that I’m an expert or anything)! His sentence structure was amazing, and the metaphors and descriptive words he used painted the picture of the story and characters so well. There were many times where I would read, stop for a minute, and think, “wow, that’s a good sentence.” Even if I wasn’t a huge fan of the sci-fi and plot, the writing was great!

As I mentioned before, the characters were designed very well. They’re all round characters, and they all had motives for the extreme actions they took throughout the novel. For several characters, such as Rebecca Colt, Vincent, and Mary, their backgrounds are what led them to become what they became. Agent Colt, for instance, had an abusive father, which led her to become the master psychic and secret agent that she became, and that aspect of her character really added to the story.

The sci-fi elements of this story were very interesting. Goodreads classifies this book as science fiction fantasy, but there are no new worlds, no space settings, and no magic. It’s just the psychics and their powers. I found the psychic powers interesting but a little confusing at times. Like I said, this kind of sci-fi isn’t really my thing. I would also say it’s a psychological thriller, a genre I’d never ventured into before this book.

The plot was very intriguing and thrilling. And super action-packed. I have to say there was almost too much action, because the action scenes went on for a really long time. It seemed like we were just jumping from action scene to action scene, and it was sometimes hard to keep up with the different psychic powers flying back and forth. But the intensity and thrill of the action kept me completely immersed in the story!!

The plot overall was very well-developed and almost creepy at times. The premise is super unique and interesting, as you can probably tell if you’ve read the synopsis! I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I think if you read this book, you would agree that some of the things that went down were mind-blowing! This totally worked for the story, and it added a layer of darkness that made up the atmosphere of the settings and story.

Also, I need to make a note about the cover and title of this novel, which I think are GENIUS. You wouldn’t realize this unless you’ve read the book, but the title, Pulling Strings, is very symbolic and gives me chills when I think of it in relation to the story.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Thank you, Nick DeWolf, for reaching out to me. Psychological thrillers are definitely not my cup of tea, but I know some sci-fi lovers who would really like it! I recommend Pulling Strings if you’re looking for a short, intense, sci-fi read!

Thanks for reading my bookish babblings! Let me know what you’ve been reading recently down in the comments!

~ Rebekah

Buy Pulling Strings by Nick DeWolf  HERE !!

Nick DeWolf on Goodreads:


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