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Red Agenda by Cameron Poe REVIEW


Red Agenda

By: Cameron Poe

Genre: political thriller

Publication date: Sep. 21, 2017

Goodreads synopsis:

The most sought-after commodity in the world is power, and when money is no object, power is up for grabs. Desiring autonomy, one small nation develops an unlikely plan to procure a nuclear-powered submarine. If all goes as intended, the Middle East will destabilize and the OPEC Alliance will crumble. Yet as money might buy power, there’s no guarantee that it buys loyalty. So when the submarine breaks the ocean surface, it doesn’t travel to the Middle East, it sails for Russia, in an attempt to return the nation to its Soviet roots. 
Alerted to the possibility of the theft of a Russian sub, the CIA must foil the plan for acquisition without alarming the rest of the world. A step behind and suffering from department infighting, the CIA watches in disbelief as the single most powerful weapon in the world rises from the ocean floor. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that the commander of the vessel has no intention of honoring his contract.
Scrambling to prevent a world-wide disaster, CIA operatives in coordination with the US Navy launch a daring and risky plan to quietly thwart a rogue submarine captain before he can obliterate Moscow and take control of the country. Those who volunteer for this mission risk their lives. Those who don’t risk the safety of the entire world.

My spoiler-free review:

Wow this book really surprised me!! Not in a good or bad way… it just wasn’t what I was expecting. I was sent Red Agenda by Cameron Poe by Smith Publicity in exchange for an honest review. The book surprised me, but I enjoyed it! More than I thought I would!! I’m giving it 4/5 stars.

The writing was just okay – nothing special or anything, but it worked for this story! I feel like it didn’t flow as well as it could have, and there were some times where I was confused by the goings-on. But, other than that, the writing was pretty good. The prologue was great as it intrigued me from the very beginning, which is important in a good novel!

The aspect of this book that left the biggest impression on me was the depth behind the plot. It was so complex! And I love complex plots, because they really make the readers think. Everything was so well researched, and I can tell that Cameron Poe knows a lot about this subject and spent tons of time making sure all his facts were right. I mean, it’s a fiction story, but something like this could totally happen someday. Those kinds of stories scare me a little but also thrill me, and I think that’s a feeling that the author means to leave his readers with.

This is not my kind of book as it is just so political and goes in-depth into topics that I don’t even completely understand. BUT I was so interested the entire time I read. The story was so engaging in every way! Like I said, the complexity of the plot was pretty crazy.

The characters were great as well. They weren’t the strongest part of the book, but I still enjoyed getting to know them. I liked how they weren’t perfect, but they were all very grey characters with strengths and weaknesses that were both very observable throughout the story.

I feel like my past few reviews have all been of books that are in genres I have never read before. Well, this is another one. I’ve seen this book called a political thriller, and that sums it up pretty well in my opinion. If this review or synopsis interests you at all, I definitely recommend Red Agenda! It’s one of those books that’s too underrated.

I’ve really been getting out of my comfort zone these last few reads, but I’ve recently read a few more popular books that are more my speed, and I’m excited to review those as well!! So keep watching for those!

I hope you enjoyed my bookish babblings and this double-post Sunday! Let me know what your favorite genre is in the comments, and keep reading!

~ Rebekah

About the Author:

Cameron Poe (Barry Cameron Lindemann) is a student of classic literature. He earned his undergraduate degree from Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota, and his MBA from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. He is an observer of politics and the interplay between nation states. He has a keen interest in structural and mechanical engineering. He has three sons and resides in Las Vegas where he manages real estate profolio financing.

Red Agenda on Goodreads

author Cameron Poe on Goodreads

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