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The Watcher of the Night Sky REVIEW

watcher The Watcher of the Night Sky 

By: Rachel Pudsey

Publication date: Dec 28, 2014

Genre: YA fantasy


Fifteen-year-old Abigail Crumble was never much for talking about love and marriage and other such nonsense – no matter how often her boy obsessed best friend pestered her to do so. Or so she so adamantly proclaimed.
Yet on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Abigail makes the biggest, most contradictory mistake of her life. She wishes on the stars for love, or even the smallest amount of attention, without knowing the full impact of such a feat.
Abigail soon finds her simple life in chaos as princes, men and mysterious creatures come to her door, each adamantly in love with her and refusing to leave her side.
Mixing fantasy and romance,
The Watcher of the Night Sky begins the tale of one girl’s quest to rid herself of a curse that was definitely far more than she wished for.

My review (spoiler-free):

I received this book from an author that isn’t very well-known, and it turned out to be a story that I think rivals the stories of the popular YA fantasy writers that we all know and love. The Watcher of the Night Sky, written by Rachel Pudsey and the first book in The Aronia Series, had me laughing and engaged in the descriptive writing from the very beginning. I absolutely adore this book, and I gave it 5/5 stars on Goodreads!

As you can read in the synopsis, this novel is a fantasy about Abigail Crumble. She is extremely ordinary. People at her school either look over her completely or make fun of her because of her ordinary, almost ugly features. She wants to be noticed like her pretty, popular best friend, Olivia, is, so she makes a wish on the stars. But, it turns out that Abigail is not just any normal citizen of the town of Graceville and wishing upon the stars has some crazy consequences. Men show up at her door proclaiming their love for her, and they all embark on a journey to find a certain powerful entity that can help them.

From the moment the seven (I think it’s seven) men showed up on Abigail’s doorstep, I was laughing SO hard. I was actually sitting at a swim meet while reading this book and trying not to laugh and startle the people around me. Rachel Pudsey’s writing was hilarious, and I loved the way she wrote the character of Abigail.

Abigail Crumble is a very relatable main character and a unique one when it comes to heroines in YA fantasy books. She isn’t incredibly strong or beautiful or good with a sword or anything… she’s ordinary, her parents own a bakery, she has common brown hair, and the only thing she excels at is her schoolwork. Abigail is very smart for a young girl, and I really appreciated that about her character. Her best friend, Olivia, was an extremely funny character and the exact opposite of Abigail in every way.

Then, there’s all the men – Selwyn, Eric, Clay, Roan, Etva, Al, and Cillian. They were the main source of laughter during my time reading the book. The author wrote each one so distinctively, and I really enjoyed their antics as they fought for Abigail! My personal favorite is Clay, of course, whose backstory was super interesting to read about. Of course, Eric and Selwyn’s random sword fights were great, Roan’s songs made me cringe, and Cillian was hilarious with his cynical approach to the whole situation.

Now, the world… I feel like the world-building was the weakest point of the novel, but it was still done well. I liked the whole thing with the fae and faelti and the different kingdoms. It’s very unique while also brings in mythical creatures that lots of YA fantasy readers enjoy – fae. Also, I feel that the reason the world building was a little confusing at times is because this book is only the first in a series, and we’ll learn a lot more as the series continues.

The writing was gorgeous! The story starts off with a description of Abigail’s small, two-room schoolhouse, and I could immediately picture it. The author was very good about using all five senses to draw pictures of the town of Gracehill and all the places that Abigail and her group traveled to. You can’t have a good story without superb writing, and The Watcher of the Night Sky definitely had that!

Let me just say that I have read many books where either the characters are very strong and the plot isn’t at all or the plot is well-developed and the characters are very weak. Sometimes, it’s hard to find that perfect balance where your readers will love both your characters and your plot. The Watcher of the Night Sky totally accomplished this! The characters were well-developed and lovable, and the plot was very complex. I was engaged the entire time as the little band of travelers experienced the dangers that existed outside of the small town of Gracehill, which is all Abigail had ever known. It was cool to see everything through Abigail eyes – a girl who had only ever heard stories about the creatures and places outside of her home but had never actually seen them. I loved learning more about the world as they all traveled to find a way to break the curse on the men.

Stories with journeys or quests are always so fun and engaging! I think everyone loves these kinds of stories, because you never know what the characters will encounter next! The plot twists that the author threw in flowed perfectly with the story, and they certainly kept me on my toes as I was reading.

Overall, I LOVED The Watcher of the Night Sky by Rachel Pudsey. If you’re a fan of YA fantasy novels, then this is just the kind of book for you! (Wow, that sounded really cheesy, but it’s true!)  This novel is one full of round, entertaining characters, beautiful writing, and a fascinating plot. And it has the most GORGEOUS cover!

Thanks to the author for sending me a digital copy of her novel – I really enjoyed reading it! Also, the next book in The Aronia Series, The Faelti, is out, and I hope to read and review that one soon as well!!

I hope you enjoyed my bookish babblings, and keep reading!

~ Rebekah

About the author:

Rachel Pudsey was born and raised in Scotland. A graduate of psychology, she now resides in South Korea. She has dabbled in teaching children, but after a few blessed years has succumbed to teaching business English to adults in Seoul.


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find the author on Goodreads HERE

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